Kitchen fan

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the existing motor as of May 2023 (itself a replacement for the original, which was recycled)
  • The motor is a model JA2N191N, 1.6A 1550RPM 1/25HP
    • Note that it has three mounting holes; many similar models have 2 or 4 holes, so won't fit with the mounting-plate in our apparatus (without some drilling, anyway).

See 2023/02/01 for photos of the cowling.

  • 2023-05-15 Ordered replacement part (Order #27-10055-59494, should arrive by 2023-05-30; made in China, shipping from Canada). I would have preferred to get one made in US or Mexico, but they were more than twice as expensive and we're still needing to budget carefully. (I paid for it entirely with PayPal.)