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"Intermangling" is my name for taking bits of songs and mixing/splicing them together so they sound as if they are really parts of the same song. (It's somewhat related to the concept of a "mash-up"; see Wikipedia: Bastard pop.)


Under Construction

  • Stranger (ELO) / Song on the Radio (Al Stewart) / How Long (Ace)


top contenders

  • I Can't Stand It (Clapton) / Night Train (Winwood)
  • american woman / whole lotta love / me and my guitar
  • it doesn't matter any more / brand new key
  • Ah! Leah / Sour Girl
  • Give Up the Funk (Parliament) / Fame (David Bowie)

other possibilities

  • the way life's meant to me (elo) / oh what a shame / heroes and villains / pale and precious
  • rush / twist & shout / buddha buddha / louie louie / stand
  • daisy jane / heart hotels
  • run through the jungle / long cool woman in a black dress
  • paperback writer / last train to clarkesville
  • More Than I Can Say (Cliff Richard) / Every Step You Take (Police)
  • Undun (Guess Who) / I'm Your Venus (Shocking Blue)
  • Self Esteem (The Offspring) / Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) - not sure if this will actually work (maybe try to include a bit of "More Than a Feeling"?)
  • 1-2-3 (Len Barry) / Baby, Now That I've Found You
  • Magnet and Steel / Hold the Line (Toto)
  • { "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" / "Wonderwall" } (as featured on American Edit) / { "How You Remind Me" / "Someday" (although these two don't quite match chord-wise, the feel is very similar and they could certainly be alternated) } (possibly "No New Tale to Tell" can be integrated as well?)
  • no idea if this will work, but: Dinah-Moe Humm / Apples and Oranges / that "revolution" song from Schoolhouse Rock
  • Crosstown Traffic / The End
  • Pictures of Matchstick Men / Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz) -- keys are the same if you offset by one measure

all sources digitized

  • longer / here, there, and everywhere
  • Bike Ride to the Moon / Out of Jail (TMBG)

Arrangement Manglings

I think this might work best as an arrangement for guitar or piano (all the chords in these songs are easy guitar chords):

  • "However Absurd" (Paul McCartney) / "Cheese and Onions" (The Rutles) / "Amazing" and "What It Takes" (Aerosmith) / "November Rain" (Guns 'n' Roses)
  • "Wait" (Beatles) / "Sooner or Later" (World Party)