Hypertwin Manor/2018-06-14 ordinance violation

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2018-06-14 property maintenance notice.800pxw.jpg

We saw this attached to the holly tree by the driveway today. It's maddeningly vague; even if we really had time to do a bunch of yardwork in the next 10 days, it's not at all clear what would make them happy.

First point: yes, we have vegetation over 10". We like it that way. A lot of it is called "trees", and they often grow to heights well in excess of 10", often even multiple feet. Which specific items of taller-than-10" vegetation are you objecting to, and why?

Second point: It's true that the vegetation around the sidewalk could use a little trimming back, and the sidewalk keeps getting covered with leaf detritus -- but:

  • How do we know whether the areas we think could use attention are the ones that you feel need attention? We might spend all of our available yardwork time for the next 10 days working on this and still not hit the particular items you have in mind.
    • If you've got it written down somewhere what needs to be done, why not share that information? If you don't, how will you be able to determine whether we've done the job satisfactorily?
  • The sidewalk has been in much worse shape than it is now, and has been steadily improving over the last couple of years due to a great deal of effort on our part. Why bring this up only now?