Hyperfamily Declaration of Interdependence

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Hyperfamily: Declaration of Interdependence

I came up with this bit of somewhat turgid prose as a first stab at trying to write a relatively brief document (as opposed to the rather longer Hyperfamily Constitution which still needs to be written) to set forth the purpose of a hyperfamily. It is recorded for posterity and/or until I get around to rewriting it. (This was apparently written before I had a copy of the actual Declaration of Independence handy, so the parallels likely fall apart after the first sentence or so.)

The Declaration

written August, 2001

When in the course of human events a [group of] people find themselves constrained by bonds of assumption and presumption which have hitherto bound them to act in a manner so limited and simple as to preclude personal happiness, it becomes necessary for them to cast aside those bonds and thoughtfully reform them in a manner more conducive to a reasonable means of existence.

Be it known to all, therefore, that these individuals hereby do declare themselves to be lifelong companions in all ways and manners which they may see fit, for the benefit of themselves and their kin: to give such comfort and aid to one another as they may need and be able to provide; to support one another in time of prosperity and in time of hunger; together to be a bulwark against the inimical forces of nature and humanity; together to be a constructive power to enhance all that which is desireable and diminish all that which is abhorrent; to be champions for one another, when all others have turned away; together to be a home for each other's bravest aspirations and a light to chase away each other's deepest fears.