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correct information

  • radio:
    • S#: 16111752 (from radio display)
    • PIN: 26245 (enter on radio, not touchscreen)
  • navi:
    • S# ACB25018527 (from bottom of nav DVD player)
    • PIN: 34526 1124B (enter first 4 of second code on touchscreen)

wrong information

completely wrong

Anti-Theft Identification Card we were given by CarMax turned out to be completely wrong, but just for the record:

  • Radio:
    • Code Number: 26216
    • Serial Number: 16114742
  • Navi:
    • Code Number: 0042
    • Serial Number: AEB25023032
    • PIN from web site: 43162 0042B

Apparently "Code Number" is the PIN -- or, in the case of Navi, the PIN plus a superfluous letter. I don't know what the first 5 digits are for.