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Sunday, November 27, 2022 (#331)
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rather wet this morning
also very dark

I spent way too much (?) time this morning reorganizing my photo archives. (Maybe it was time well spent, but it was still too much.) I say "my" because it was mostly scans of my pre-Hypertwin photos, but some of Harena's pre-Hypertwin photos also became involved and also some photos from early in our adventures together.

Focus Session

Today's upstairs focus session was not terribly successful, as it was unexpectedly pre-empted by another activity and by the time I actually got started with it I was too hungry to do any real focus-work... and bandwidth issues were an obstacle for doing the lower-focus work I ended up settling into.

The activity in question (PoGo raid thingy) did result in some pretty cool photos, though.


  • figured out (again) how to generate this by looking at the code in MWX/ManPage (which is broken for multiple reasons)
  • started setting up a dev instance of HTYP for fixing ManPage (I need a file manager that is smarter about copying remote files...)

2022-11-27 20-49-02.screen.remote copying.png

I mean, seriously? 17 hours to copy a few hundred MB from one folder to another on the same machine? (It later pared this down to a mere 4 hours, but still...)