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Sunday, November 20, 2022 (#324)
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Autumn mostly done; ready for winter.
the USB plugbar is shiny

Forgot to do the accounting yesterday. ...done, yay. I had to borrow another $1k from the tax fund, which hopefully will get restored at xmas.

I think I want to hold off on the GoFundMe idea until I see what actually gets deposited for TootCat support at the beginning of December. (Maybe I can frame it as "send me a Christmas present!")

The USB thingy arrived last night, and I did manage to get the M-Audio working with it -- so yay there! No more crackly audio. I do wish it had mounting-holes, though.

Scheduled Upstairs Work Session #1

  • Migrated a bunch of TootCat-related pages from HTYP to mew.toot.cat
    • ...and of course did a lot of associated tidying and reorganizing.
    • This always takes a lot longer than it feels like it should, somehow.