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Friday, October 28, 2022 (#301)
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morning trees
and more trees and also clouds


In theory, today should just be a normal hectic Friday (Sprouts and then cooking dinner).



(Typed up a bit of stuff about FIC, which I eventually moved to today's coding page.)

I also need to do the dishes. Apparently there are a lot.


Doshes din.

Ambitious!squirrel wonders if there's some way to write a simple query-language for tree data. 🤔

(Also, this emoji-picker applet in ibus is kind of terrible. There's no search function, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to actually get an emoji from the list without having to manually type in the code (and working that out was less-than-intuitive, too).



Fresh spinach can be very labor-intensive to clean up, especially when you're trying to use some extra that you got a week and a half ago because you were at the store where they had some and you got it even though it's not organic there because it was in good shape and inexpensive and you didn't know if they'd have any at the co-op this week, but then they did.

There was one leftover chicken leg and a teeny bit of spinach, both of which will go (along with all of the juice and a leftover leg from last week) into this week's Tigger Quiche Glop. Some mashed potatoes were also left over, but those will definitely get eaten one way or another.

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