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Tuesday, August 23, 2011 (#235)
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This was the date of the Virginia earthquake -- which we totally missed, though others in the area felt it. As near as we can tell, we were just finishing up some yardwork at the time. (Vague memory of thinking a particularly heavy truck was going by... but that might be a false memory, or a memory of a real truck on an earlier date.)

My comment on G+:


Either you're with us... or you're with those who hate innocent lawn furniture. The vicious geological strata that committed this heinous atrocity will be traced to their epicenter, and held accountable for their actions. We will strike back, and we will strike back hard, with really really big sledgehammers. We will rebuild, we will resurrect, and we will never forget the teapots that died in service to our country.

(Halliburton Catering Inc. is on the way with a no-bid contract... oh, and surely there's a way to work in a joke about the Tea Party?)