2010/12/27 letter to tax assessor

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This letter was dated 2010-12-26 but mailed 2010-12-27 with signature confirmation. The original did not have links; they have been added for easier cross-referencing.


Dear Tax Administrator,

I need to protest the current valuation of my property. I corresponded with you about this just over one year ago (copy enclosed), but did not receive a response.

My sources indicate that one dollar in 2005 is worth about $1.11 in 2010 dollars, bringing the value of the house (which a professional assessor valued at $252,600 in 2005 and which you valued at $185,413 up through 2007) to $280,386. I would be willing to pay property tax at your current rate based on that valuation, if you will adjust my tax bill and let me know the final total. Although there have been a few repairs done since that time (replace central heat, replace water heater, replace outside plumbing pipes), these were the absolute minimum necessary to keep the house habitable.

I do not have sufficient funds to pay the bill at its current total of $4,841.03, nor do I expect to have it anytime soon; my financial situation has continued to deteriorate since last year, and I will probably have to file for bankruptcy.

Please feel free to write me (email is best) to discuss these matters further. I also authorize you to discuss any of my personal information with Nick Staddon, who lives with me at this address.

Thank you,