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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 (#97)
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Voicemail to Brenda Newell of Child Protective Services:

Hi Ms Newell,

This is Nick Staddon.

We did receive your email yesterday about the change of venue, and we have attempted to notify the other people who will be attending the meeting on our behalf, though we haven't yet been able to confirm that they have received our messages.

There is a problem now, in that Josh has been with us since Sunday afternoon. We have been trying to coordinate with April and Omega to find out what they could do about taking him back, but they weren't responding to our emails and I finally had to call them yesterday. For most of yesterday, April indicated that she was trying to get hold of one of Josh's workers to come pick Josh up, since he refused to get out of the car when we tried to bring him over there on Saturday, but apparently she was not able to get hold of him -- and then she called just before our bedtime to say that she wasn't sure they would be able to continue providing care for Josh.

So we still have Josh. We are thinking at this point that we will try to bring him to the meeting, if he is cooperative, and the panel can meet him and see the actual condition of his teeth and skin. After that I'm not sure what we should do. We could try to have the meeting with him there -- I don't think he will comprehend any of what we are discussing -- but I think we'll leave that call up to you and Mikah.

If he won't cooperate, I will call your cellphone and let you know.

Hopefully we'll see you at The Genesis Home at 10:00 today. Thank you.