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Friday, March 12, 2010 (#71)
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Voicemail for Brenda Newell

Hi Ms. Newell, this is Nick Staddon returning your calls to Sandy Hall at 402-9774.

First of all, Sandy is even more intensely phone-phobic than I am, so it will always be me returning any calls.

Second, it would be much easier for me if you could either leave me your email address the next time you call or else just send us an email -- the address again is us@hypertwins.org -- because it is much easier for me to be coherent in writing. I have some status updates for you on the goals we discussed the last time we met, and I will be happy to email you about them in detail once I have a way of doing that.

Thank you!


I called and read this message into her voicemail; also made audio recording of me leaving it. --Woozle 06:06, 12 March 2010 (EST)]

She called back twice later that day, each time asking for Sandy to return her call and not mentioning my message at all.