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Monday, January 25, 2010 (#25)
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Mysterious school holiday today. The Home got back from out-of-town a little later than originally planned, and decided (whether because of that or because of worry about Josh being bored) it would be better if we kept Josh for today; we will be bringing him over there anytime after 6pm.

(09:48) So far he's been calm and only slightly bored, but the morning is young.


Josh did not want his bookbag coming with him to the home. He insisted on putting it back in the house before we left. I brought it out hidden under my jacket and put it in the back of the minivan where he couldn't see it, but apparently that was still too obvious: in the car on the way over, Josh took off his seatbelt, went into the back, dug around, and got out his bookbag (all while we were driving on I-85).

Sensing what was about to happen, I pulled off -- and sure enough, he opened the door and tossed the bookbag out.

After a quick phone consultation with Sandy, we decided to leave it there and I would come back for it. (Fortunately, it was still there.) Hope this doesn't mean he will refuse to put it on tomorrow morning (or refuse to go to school) -- but if I had to bet on it, I'd bet that it was a context-thing and he will be fine tomorrow.

(Having said that, of course, I have now jinxed it... whatever; I will be up tomorrow at 5:30 regardless, just in case.)