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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 (#20)
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  • 08:00: Progressive Plumbing comes around to give the lines another cleaning, hoping that it will clear things up until the pipes can be replaced in an unknown number of days. One of us will have to stay here while the other one takes the kids to school.


The downstairs toilet is still mostly-full from the upstairs toilet getting flushed last night around 9:00. One more flush, and seriously nasty stuff goes on the floor. I've put a sign over the handle on the upstairs toilet saying "DO NOT FLUSH".

On the up-side, at least we have a very clear symptom so we can see if the pipe-clearing actually clears anything.


I finally hear the motor noises and notice that the plumbers are here. They might have been here for awhile without my noticing, because they weren't visible from the front door.

Turns out they have to do a great deal of extra work to get the necessary access to properly clean out the pipe; this costs $450, but they will credit it towards the main repairs (which it would have been a part of anyway). The clean-out they install will also help if they need to clear the lines out again.


The lines are finally cleared. The toilet just needs a quick plunge to clear the last bit of blockage. The laundry room drain starts to back up when I run the washer; I stop the wash and fetch a snake from the basement, but by the time I get back it has unclogged itself.


Much angst about liability issues -- what if Josh injures someone at the Home? Not sure how to handle this; trying to carefully phrase an email to the agency.

Also Larry called from Benjamin's agency to set up a home visit tomorrow.


The Home says we would be liable if Josh hurt another kid on their premises. When we agreed to place him there, they said there wouldn't be any other kids. We're thinking we have to make an ultimatum about this, and be prepared to take Josh back if they can't offer a solution. Comments?

comments (excerpt)

  • Pete said: HUH?!?! I thought part of their purpose was to be able to deal with people with those type of behavioral issues. Or are they just trying to get funding at the least inconvenience to themselves?
  • Mom said: I agree with Pete. And I would think they would have to have insurance anyway. Sounds fishy. Can you ask the program people, before you put yourself into the situation that they seem to be controlling?
  • Woozle replied: They're basically taking this on because nobody else is available -- there aren't any slots at the better-equipped places (formally "Level III Residential"). Had to go in half with them ($150) on the alarm system Josh wrecked, which they're required to have.