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Thursday, January 7, 2010 (#7)
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Well, as expected, Josh wouldn't cooperate with the folks at the Home this morning, so I had to zoop on over there just past 6 a.m. Fortunately he was totally cooperative once I got there. Tomorrow we get to do this even earlier, yay :-|, so he will actually be ready in time for the bus. (Entry started at 8:30ish, finished at 3:23... it's been that kind of day.)


Trying to figure out why I'm so nervous about tomorrow morning. Seems to be (1) it's going to be 5:30, half an hour earlier than this morning; (2) what if he doesn't cooperate *this* time?; (3) additional uncertainty about what will happen if school is closed for snow -- will we have to deal with the question "Can you take Josh so I can go to work?", and how can I say no without being a jerk?