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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 (#364)
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The Home just called; Josh tore down window blinds and tore burglar alarm off the wall. This doesn't sound good. I'm guessing it's going to be a deal-breaker and we're back to... where we were a month ago. We're picking him up at noon.

10:52 (comment)

I didn't get around to posting about the drop-off Monday morning, where I had to sit in the driver's seat and push Josh out of the car with my feet because he was refusing to get out on his own. Yeah, that wasn't a good sign, but what else could I do? And the regular people weren't there, so I couldn't really discuss coping strategy with them or anything... and they didn't respond to my email... GAAAAH.

10:53 (comment)

Don't know if it's a deal-breaker or not, but she said we needed to "talk about it". When she gets back into town. Don't know when that will be.

...either way, we can't keep paying for their stuff that Josh wrecks, if they're not set up to contain him and keep him from wrecking things.

11:00 (comment)

I feel like this is kind of a beggars-can't-be-choosers situation. Yeah, there should always be someone there I know when we're dropping off or picking up Josh, so we can exchange vital information. Yeah, they should always answer my emails promptly, so we can get other information communicated quickly. ...but they don't seem to operate that way.

11:09 (comment)

(someone asks about maybe using a notebook, passed back and forth, for communication about this sort of thing)

Well, he has a notebook... I suppose we could include it in his baggage... but I'm thinking of more real-time communication. Like Monday when I dropped him off, I would have asked them to call us if he didn't calm down in a couple of hours -- not something I could have anticipated and written down in advance. Also I would have wanted to know how long they were planning to keep him, which is something I would have wanted to know *before* picking him up and getting his notebook back.

11:29 (comment)

Also, I often have difficulty getting through to their phone (e.g. yesterday when I was supposed to call to let them know we were coming, there was no answer) -- so this isn't *just* me being reluctant to make phone calls, as if that weren't enough of a reason.

11:45 (comment excerpt)

...they did confirm that they received earlier emails I sent; they just didn't respond to them in any way at all.


Josh has got it in for our calendars. Last year he took to repeatedly folding them up so you could only see the back cover, and now he has taken the new calendar down and put it "away" upstairs, and won't let me have it. May have to find a place in the already-full-to-the-gills office to put it, sigh.


While we were upstairs reading to the kids, Josh tried to cook himself some bacon... in the toaster oven. I came down because I smelled the smoke. He had a nice little fire going in there, but it was easy enough to blow out. ...and now he is apparently peeved at me, even though I cooked it the rest of the way in the microwave for him. I am clearly not a Josh Relations Expert. :-P