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Monday, December 7, 2009 (#341)
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Josh went nuts. Attacked Zander. I banished him to the hallway, and he went into the bathroom and started slamming the medicine cabinet door so hard that the boxes of schoolwork fell [off the overhead shelf and] onto the table. Orange juice everywhere (glass amazingly didn't break), school papers everywhere. We still haven't found one of the two chicken legs that were in Josh's plate.

Tt eventually turned out (after the kids finished up and cleared out) that a piece of his current Collection had somehow landed over by Zander. Don't know if that's what started it, or happened during the attack. He's calmer now.


Update: It looks like Josh found the missing piece himself, because there are now three chicken pieces on his plate. I didn't see where he found it.


(Mel makes a comment about it being impressive that he could slam the cabinet so hard that it knocks stuff off the shelf on the other side of the wall)

It's absolutely amazing that the medicine cabinet mirror hasn't even cracked. Looks like it's original to the house; they built 'em tough back then...