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Saturday, December 5, 2009 (#339)
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Apparently Josh's overnight went well. According to reports, he was happy and relaxed; he ate a few things, though possibly less than expected. A little after noon, though, he put on his coat and his bag, and since he hadn't eaten much they were worried that he wanted to go home (if I'm understanding right), so we picked him up.

Big mistake; he was alternating between rage and crying for about 45 minutes, starting as soon as he came in the door.

The caregiver said (when we picked him up) that she could take him again later today, so we're waiting anxiously for that call....

He seems to have finally calmed down... and he clearly wasn't hungry or even particularly thirsty.


  • Cindy asks: Soooo, do you think the emotion was because he didn't like it there, or he wanted to go back? Or maybe none of the above??
  • Woozle replies:

Well, the message we're getting is that he doesn't want to be *here*. It's never certain with Josh, of course... but he seemed content or even happy the whole time he was there. He ate, he lay down, and there were no reports of him making unhappiness noises. When he got here, he kept his coat on and pointedly put his backpack on and stood by the ... See Moredoor.

This might just be saying "I'm bored and want to go SOMEWHERE" -- like out with his dad or over to his grandma's -- but the fact that he seemed pretty content over at the home tells me that it is on the list of Acceptable Places (and neither of the alternatives are available at the moment or for overnights in general).


No word from the Home... she said she would call later, and I even called back when Josh was spazzing and left a message indicating that Josh would *really* like to go back over there... but now it's kind of late, he has calmed down, and neither of us feel like going anywhere. So I think I'm not going to bother calling... them again tonight. (Hope they don't decide to call around 7:30 or something.)


We cleaned up the living room this afternoon, while Josh was away -- and it's beginning to look like it was a mistake. He seems to think there's something missing, he keeps coming into the office to get me to go look for it -- and it's probably something we cleaned up and is therefore Gone -- and I am rapidly heading back into Can't Deal With This Any Longer territory.

...he is going around the house making his loud "I Am Very Upset" noise -- especially when he leans into the office. It's so loud you can't think.


He actually *took me by the hand* and led me into the hallway... so I went through the motions of looking for stuff, and tried a few random things... I went into the craft room to get out the marble maze parts we had put away, in case that was what he wanted -- showed them to him; no interest.

While in there, though, I noticed that one of the colored blocks had gotten shoved under the door... so I brought that out and showed it to him -- he took it eagerly, and hasn't made any unhappy noises since then.

So either that was it, or it was an Acceptable Substitute. (I found a few more of the blocks on the floor and gave them to him as well.)