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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 (#328)
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The home turned Josh down; will paste more details as a comment below. Haven't told Sandy yet; she's sleeping.

What Touchstone said:

After speaking with Frankie, she decided that she will not be able to provide services to Josh. [Josh's] needs are far more than what Frankie can provide at this time.

I want to explain the difference between therapeutic foster care and CAP.

TFC is for children that suffer from severe behavior problems and have a mental health diagnosis. Josh has a developmental disability which is autism and that makes it difficult for a TFC provider to provide him with additional service that he truly needs.

CAP provides wrap around services such as personal care, respite and home & community support services. TFC does not provide wrap around services. CAP and SSI are not considered perks, they are funding sources for children/adults that suffer from mental retardation or a developmental disability. Children/adults that suffer from either disability require much more care than a child that has only a mental illness disorder.

In the meantime, I'm still seeking placement for Josh and will keep you posted.


This was the 2nd home we were referred to post-Medicaid, in Pittsboro -- not A New Way Home in Durham.