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Sunday, October 11, 2009 (#284)
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I can't decide if Josh is having tooth pain or not; wish Dr. Mark would get back to us with that referral letter so we can get him a dental appointment. He did seem to be possibly having stomach pain earlier -- sat on toilet again after already having gone, and unhappy vocalizations that start and stop abruptly.


Dorothy said:

He's had tooth pain before. Let's light a fire under Dr. Mark -- he may have forgotten.

Go to his office and camp there until he writes and signs it. Tell him Momma said so!!!!!


I would if we had time... Monday is shopping day. Can we twist your arm into calling him? ;-)


Dorothy said: send me an e=mail with his number.


Sent... Thank you from the overwhelmed ferrets here :-)

(dialogue continues on 2009/10/12)