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Tuesday, July 21, 2009 (#202)
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"the meeting" apparently refers to us going down to the DSS building, waiting around for a long time, and finally speaking with a case manager and then her supervisor. The main topic was actually Benjamin, but the subject of Josh came up and the supervisor was the one who thought for a minute and then came up with the DMA-5045.


Josh-Free Zone, Day 1 of 4 [this probably refers to what I did yesterday]: Got tires ordered for the Benz (it only needed 2, yay) then realized that I would have to put off further repairs until they arrive... except I can get the oil changed, and the transmission serviced, but didn't think of that un

[FB seems to have lost the remainder of the entry]

I keep starting to write a proper blog post in follow-up to my last sentence, now that we've had the meeting, but I don't think it's going to happen... Here's the scoop: if we get a physician to sign this specific form (DMA-5045) saying that Josh *needs* to be living away from home, then that is equivalent to him *actually* living away from home -- i.e. they will only look at *his* income to determine eligibility, not Sandy's: guaranteed Medicaid. ...would be nice if someone had mentioned this a year ago.