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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 (#133)
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from a locked post on Sandy's blog:

[Day Three of not being able to get Josh to go to school] was where we were headed again this morning... Josh pre-empted me even getting things ready this morning by turning off the lights straightaway.

Then W came down & tried friendly persuasion, chasing him about, and once again tried the full body wrestling thing but to no avail.. Josh simply was not going to cooperate with getting ready to go.

Sooo, W tried calling the special police task force (that we apparently have had all along but we were only just informed of them a few months ago) that can deal with folks what are non compos mentis. And as W tried to stand with the door open and the outdoor lights on (freaking sun is only just starting to come up at this time; 6am) Josh battled with having the door closed & lights off. He knows that means going on the bus.

Well, [the office] comes and says they cannot force a "child" to go to school & goes away again.

So, there we are. Josh refusing to get dressed to go anywhere and us horribly frustrated.

And W, in desperation, grabs Josh's clothes, grabs Josh, stuffs him out the door & into the car & drives off to school with the notion of dressing him there. They arrive, W gets Josh's clothes on in the car with some difficulty but at least it is possible. Then Josh refuses to get out of the car, but when given that extra tug he finally got out, all but walked right to his classroom & was perfectly calm when he got there.