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Sunday, April 5, 2009 (#95)
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Called Willie in the morning, and he answered; said he had to take his daughter home and that he could take Josh after that, but didn't know exactly when that would be.

  • Josh very restless but mostly well-behaved. Taking things down from art shelf and spreading them on breakfast table. Found a key somewhere and seemed focused on getting into the laundry room; fortunately, it doesn't seem to be a door key (it does fit the lock, but won't turn).
  • ~13:15: Josh found clothes somewhere and got dressed (shorts, sandals). This seems to be keeping him content for now. I put on a freshly-made copy of one of his new DVDs (movies he already has, but with new special features) and he selected the "singalong" from the menu.
  • 17:03: nothing from Willie; called him again and left a message. Josh keeps coming in the office and picking up stuff, but hasn't gotten loud or upset-sounding. Just really bored. Noticed that his fingernails had definitely not been trimmed yesterday (maybe a week's growth?); trimmed them with the scissors Josh had picked up (this is the first time he ever let me use scissors to trim his nails, rather than a nail-clipper).