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Sunday, March 29, 2009 (#88)
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  • 15:20 Willie called and said he could take Josh... Josh is out with everybody else at Gilbert & Sullivan. Thing was, if he had let me know 3 days ago that he could do today, we could possibly have made it to the Camelot Academy open house. In practicality, I'm just as glad that we didn't have to try to wedge that in, but it was the reason I messaged him on Thursday. If he had called yesterday to say he could do Josh today, then maybe we would have kept him home (though we probably wouldn't have, knowing Willie's reliability) so he could be groomed instead of sitting through a play in a crowd.
  • 17:30 (retroactive entry 3/31): Josh came back; I called Willie to let him know. Meanwhile, Josh had refused to come inside and was sitting in the minivan, gradually getting more and more upset... so I took him for a ride (calling Willie first to let him know that I could drop Josh off where he was if he wanted and if he could tell me where that was). We went up Cameron Blvd., right on Erwin, left on Campus Walk, left on 15-501 bypass, right on 751 (again), left on Erwin, left on Pickett (the dirt road part), right on Garrett, right on 15-501, left on Witherspoon or whatever it is (goes past Kroger), left on Old Chapel Hill Road, right on MLK, stopped by the storage unit to pick up a shirt for a customer, continued on down MLK and turned right on NC 55, then took I-40 east to 147, got off at N. Duke Street, and turned left on Chapel Hill Street. As we were passing Wannamaker (almost home), Sandy called to say that Willie was on his way. Good timing so far -- but then he took, like, another half hour to actually get there -- with Josh again crying and hitting things inside the van the whole time. Josh was also crying when Willie dropped him off later (8:45?), though he apparently came in the house voluntarily (Willie didn't come to the door).