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Tuesday, February 3, 2009 (#34)
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Questions I didn't ask Sheila Knapp:

  • Terry Ames said that there are actually more residential situations available in the Durham area than in Raleigh, but your list for Raleigh looks much longer than the list for Durham (2 places, both run by Autism Services Inc.). Do you know what he's talking about? Is this a complete list, or should we go digging
  • We have also been advised to get SSI Disability for Josh. I filled out the online pre-screen application and it said he did not qualify for anything, apparently because Sandy has more than $2000 in savings. Is there any point in applying anyway? Might it be a good idea to "spend down" her savings (there's not that much left) just to make this possible? Alternatively, could this be used as a "funding source" to work out some kind of temporary arrangement with an otherwise-full group home? A respite of even just a few months would help us get caught up on a lot of things and regain our energy.