2009-02-09 webmail to BB&T

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There doesn't seem to be any listing anywhere of the balance at the end of each day. I depend on this to reconcile my accounting with yours; I used to use the printed statements for this, but it doesn't seem to be on them anymore.

Could you please put this information back in, or show me where I can find it?

Preferably the online banking display should include a running balance, but putting the day-by-day balance back into the statement would do.


Response (2009-02-10)

Dear Business OnLine User:

Thank you for contacting BB&T E-Mail Support to inquire about a running balance feature in BB&T OnLine.

BB&T OnLine provides your balance and transactions information on separate screens. At this time, BB&T OnLine does not support a register or running balance feature.

However, we appreciate the time you took to share your concerns with us. In many cases, suggestions from our clients can help to improve our products and services. For this reason, I forwarded your comments to our OnLine Banking Department for consideration in future enhancements to BB&T OnLine.

In the meantime, you may wish to consider exporting your account information from BB&T OnLine to Microsoft Money. Microsoft Money has a running balance feature to help keep track of your accounts.

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Thank you for banking with BB&T. We appreciate your business!

BB&T E-Mail Support


Ah. So this is a ploy to get us to buy Microsoft Money, basically.

I can modify my accounting program to import their data, take a starting balance for the billing cycle (which they do still provide), and then show that running balance -- which should be immune to copying errors and should let me identify any data-entry errors on the stuff I've entered manually.

But that's a lot of extra work, albeit one-time, to replace information which they used to provide, and which costs them exactly nothing.