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Monday, December 29, 2008 (#364)
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Called Calvin ~2:00 pm; he came and got Josh a little early. Josh was initially getting dressed, but when I yelled out to Calvin (who was waiting at the door) that we were getting Josh dressed, this apparently threw Josh for a loop and he started fighting against getting dressed, tried to run away around the back of the house once outside, and resisted getting in Calvin's car. Apparently he remained somewhat agitated after Calvin hauled him off, but gradually calmed down; Calvin returned him at the scheduled time of 6:30. Willie then answered his phone directly when I called, and got Josh around 7:30.

When Willie returned Josh, he said he was holding on to Josh's change of clothing so he could give him a shower tomorrow. He said he would pick him up early, around 10am, after his training session would done, and that he would call me. I emphasized that Josh's dad wanted to pick him up in the afternoon, so there was some time pressure.