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Saturday, December 20, 2008 (#355)
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from a locked post on Sandy's blog:

...Josh's worker (who had taken him out earlier) called to say that Josh was having a fit & crying and was basically inconsolable. He'd tried everything & we could not think of anything else to do so he said he'd bring Josh home.

It suddenly occurred to me that i should restart the [Christmas music CD] so it would be playing when Josh got home & that this may console him. ... And so i did. And Josh came home. He scoped out the whole situation, grinned at the tree multiple times & continued to pace & i went about my business.

Then, when i happened to pass by the room when Silent Night was playing, i saw that Josh was singing along! He was enunciating clearly enough that i could see that he not only knew the first verse, but the second one as well!

At one point, he saw me watching him so i grinned at him & started singing along & his face lit up with a big smile as he continued singing.

Yeah. Sometimes Christmas Joy sneaks up on you when you least expect it. :')