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Friday, June 13, 2008 (#165)
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from a locked post on Sandy's blog:

Josh just got home from a week at Camp Royall and yes, he's one Happy Camper. He has always loved going there but i was worried what with all the issues he's been having over the past year, that he'd have problems there too. Well, i could not have been more wrong! He sang and danced and skipped his way through camp all week long and only had one Unhappy Moment Wednesday afternoon but recovered by evening. Sure, he was restless during the brief "nap" times & such, but as soon as they had him doing stuff, he was happy as a lark. He got to swim and swing on a tire swing and jump on a trampoline and go out on a boat and swim and dance & do arts & crafts (faster'n everyone else too, by gub) and hike and other activities and swim and swim and swiiiiim!