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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 (#135)
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from a locked post on Sandy's blog:

...i kept Josh home from school today 'cause he had a bit of a head cold with a cough & was rather sluggish yesterday after getting home & he was feeling a bit warm this morning as well. And Mel was fine with watching him whilst i went out on my weekly therapy appointment & the shopping thereafter. And so it went.

When we got home, Mel greets us with, "Wait till you see what Josh did" and i'm fairly cringing before i even get in the door. Well. See. Josh had figured out that to warm up chicken from the fridge, one sticks it in the microwave. And he pretty much had sorted out what buttons to push too so we were encouraging him to do so to foster independence and such. But this time, Josh must have hit one number button too many on the timer 'cause Mel comes downstairs to a smoke-filled kitchen & a piece of chicken in the microwave that was so badly burned that it had melted the plastic plate it was on!

Now i wish i had gotten a picture of the thing 'cause it really was amazing.. the chicken itself looked like it had melted along with the plate!

And all we could say, W, Mel, & I, was how awesome it was that he was feeling so much better that he was fixing himself something to eat all by himself. ^_^