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Friday, April 18, 2008 (#109)
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from a locked post on Sandy's blog (PATH link added for reference purposes):

Josh got out of the house last night. Got a call from his grandmother at 11pm saying he turned up at their house. Apparently, one of the doors that everyone assumed was locked was not & Josh put on his swimsuit (the only piece of clothing he could find (one of his ocd/autism Rules is "One gets dressed before going Out" and since he always undresses down to his shirt & underwear when he arrives home from school or whatever, [putting on his swimsuit apparently satisfied the rule])) and his sandals & slipped out into the night.

Thank all the gods above & below that 1) He went to his grandparents house (and that he could find it in the dark and nobody bothered him along the way; the way there skirts a Not So Good Neighborhood) and 2) that they were still awake and 3) that they are the laid-back people that they were & took it with good humour.

W got dressed & went out & picked him up and brought him home and at first Josh seemed Mostly Content to be back home but just about the time i started to doze off again, he started to cry & whack the walls... and after he settled down after that, i spent another good hour or so Imagining i was hearing a window being opened & Josh sneaking out.. Even now, i almost expect to go out there to get him up and find him missing.

Not much sleep was had in the end. i am bleary and worn out & feeling the terror of losing Josh even more keenly. If he doesn't get into PATH (can't remember if i have mentioned it here or not, but it's an intensive behavioral respite thingy that would help him get back on an even keel), i think the despair rating shall rise to a rather high mark.

*crossing fingers & toes he gets in*

(Edit: He was still there [the next morning], but woke up screaming & with his brain pretty much turned off. Should [not] be surprised if i get a call from school today. *sighs*)