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Monday, February 18, 2008 (#49)
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From a locked post on Sandy's blog:

Josh decided that he did not want to stay in the house that night when it got to be bedtime. After Sandy & W had gone to bed (early even, for they were both rather tired), there came a knock on their bedroom door from Mel saying that Josh was trying to escape out the window. (which he has done successfully in the past; a way to figure out how to barricade this particular window is still in the works) So up again gets W to investigate & help out. Not long after that, Josh comes upstairs & tries to get into B&Z's room; and when he does, he hits B. Sandy gets up again to help.

Josh is in a state, madly pacing, trying to get back upstairs to get at B&Z's room, crying & fighting W. At one point, he gets dressed, but after several tries, H is able to tell him to undress again but Josh ain't happy. H tries lying down with Josh on his bed, but Josh is still agitated. H suddenly thinks of the homeopathic that she gives Josh to help with agitation & fetches & adminsters. Josh is still Not Very Happy, but stops pacing & sits down on the couch, still crying "ohmyjoshohmyjosh" over & over again. Then gradually, he calms down out of that & becomes more or less quiet & W tells H that he'll watch him for a bit to go on to bed. It is after 10:30 at this point.

In the end, W comes back to bed but it is really not very clear whether Josh will actually still in the house in the morning when they get up & S has a fitful night's sleep.