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Friday, December 21, 2007 (#355)
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  • Josh chose a movie he hasn't watched in some time and which was labeled only in writing (Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines) -- this would seem to indicate that he was able to read and understand the writing, although he may just have recognized the shape of the words or something. If we can ever get his DVDs to copy, we should try packaging them with no pictures, just words (including the DVD label) and see if he is able to recognize them. (It also occurred to me that someone should give him reading lessons connected with the lyrics to his favorite songs -- have the words written out on separate cards, see if he can rearrange them after seeing them in the correct order and having them sung to him boucing-ball style...)
  • Called Michelle Jones, but got answering system which wouldn't take a voice message; left a page and sent email. (Hmm, should have pressed the "check your email" option, but I hadn't yet sent the email at the time.)