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Monday, October 22, 2007 (#295)
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Had to pick up Josh from school at about 10:30 (S was at dentist, so I did it solo) -- he was hitting everybody (though the TA said nobody got hurt). Started first thing in the morning, when he didn't want to get off the bus. Apparently this has been a daily occurrence, and nobody has seen fit to mention it. I showed the TA Josh's notebook, which had obviously still not been opened at school since Robert Garrett's last note. The TA said we need to get in touch with one Dr. Mims, who is in charge of "the program" at Jordan. Having difficulty finding this person on the web.

  • 13:25 Emailed V. Roach, in view of Dorothy's recommendation
  • Spent most of the rest of the day gradually clearing off my desk trying to find the Albemarle form, which seems to have totally vanished. Sandy says she doesn't have it.