2007-02-10 webmail to Vonage

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To: Vonage Customer Care
From: Nick Staddon [vonage-w@hypertwins.org]
Subject: I have no dial tone
  • Telephone: 706-534-5016
  • Account Number: redacted
  • Call Back Number: redacted
  • Best Time to Call Back: weekends and evenings, but also frequently available during the day
  • Phone Adapter: Cisco
  • ISP: EarthLink
  • Router Make and Model: DLink DI-604
  • Telephone Make and Model: vtech
  • Description of Network:

about 10 computers (mixed Linux and Windows) on a single 24-port network switch connected to the router; Vonage phones are plugged directly into the router. We have two Vonage phone adapters, and the other one works fine (different account).

  • Description of Problem:

No dial tone. I have plugged the vtech phone into the other Vonage phone adapter, and it works fine there.

If I press the oval button on top of the phone adapter, I hear a voice asking for a menu selection. Pressing 1# causes it to say "PASSWD" (presumably it wants a password which I don't have).

If this unit is broken, one quick solution might be to have this phone account routed to phone line #2 on the *other* router, if that can be done. (For the other router, the account number is redacted and the phone number is redacted.)