2005-07-23 Benjy Dream

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(As transcribed from memory after Benjy told it to me while I was brushing my teeth -- I read it back to him, and he corrected a few details and confirmed the rest. --Woozle 08:03, 23 Jul 2005 (EDT))

Benjy's Lovely Dream

Kestra was walking outside looking for a friend cat. And then we knew we were at Andrea's, and Kestra and Blackie were playing with their toys. Then Pip came along and he asked Blackie and Kestra if he could play with their toys, and Blackie said in a hiss-voice, "Only if you promise to share." Pip promised to share, and so they all played with Blackie's toys very nicely.

Blackie was eating her food. Kestra asked Blackie if she could have some, and Blackie said "yes, if you promise to share". Kestra promised, and they shared. Then Pip came along and asked if he could share Blackie's food, and Blackie said in a hiss-voice "Only if you promise not to chase us." Pip promised, and so they all ate Blackie's food until it was all gone.

Then we were playing with Andrea. We both ate together. That's the end!