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Thursday, February 6, 2003 (#37)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      2/6/03   2:21 PM  hey

woozle     2/6/03   4:29 PM  back

Bubba      2/6/03   4:29 PM  k

Bubba      2/6/03   4:29 PM  WB

woozle     2/6/03   4:30 PM  thx

Bubba      2/6/03   4:30 PM  Parallel Axis golf is hedging on their drop
                                  ship program

woozle     2/6/03   4:30 PM  meaning...?

Bubba      2/6/03   4:31 PM  it may turn into a buy as per order and
                                  develop our own return policy

Bubba      2/6/03   4:31 PM  it was gonna be a 30 day hold on our monies
                                  till the clubs weren't returned

woozle     2/6/03   4:32 PM  another cash drain... not so sure the whole
                                  golf thing is a good idea.

Bubba      2/6/03   4:32 PM  $300-$400 persale is not a bad idea

woozle     2/6/03   4:33 PM  but that's not the whole story. It never is.

Bubba      2/6/03   4:33 PM  and if they're paid for first

Bubba      2/6/03   4:34 PM  it's only returns that are a risk if we even
                                  have a policy for golf clubs

woozle     2/6/03   4:34 PM  point being we'd have to look at the whole
                                  thing very carefully to eliminate potential
                                  loss points.

Bubba      2/6/03   4:34 PM  of course

Bubba      2/6/03   4:36 PM  I'm in the middle of an email asking them why
                                  they can't do both

woozle     2/6/03   4:36 PM  both...

Bubba      2/6/03   4:36 PM  straight retail and drop-ship

woozle     2/6/03   4:36 PM  ah.

Bubba      2/6/03   4:36 PM  seems they'd want to sell them wherever

woozle     2/6/03   4:40 PM  shouldn't the ZR order be here by now? You
                                  wanna callem and get a tracking #?

Bubba      2/6/03   4:40 PM  u got their # handy?

woozle     2/6/03   4:41 PM  not exactly

woozle     2/6/03   4:41 PM  I can find it

Bubba      2/6/03   4:41 PM  pleez

woozle     2/6/03   4:41 PM  probably by going to zionrootswear.com

Bubba      2/6/03   4:41 PM  I'll get it

Bubba      2/6/03   4:41 PM  thot you had it 

woozle     2/6/03   4:42 PM  it's in the catalog and probly in the DB, but
                                  the web site is fastest

Bubba      2/6/03   4:43 PM  can't find my cat

woozle     2/6/03   4:44 PM  web site sez

Bubba      2/6/03   4:46 PM  got them on the phone

Bubba      2/6/03   4:47 PM  when placed

woozle     2/6/03   4:47 PM  last week... date is in DB... loading.

woozle     2/6/03   4:48 PM  1/29

woozle     2/6/03   4:48 PM  received email confirmation

Bubba      2/6/03   4:48 PM  fax

Bubba      2/6/03   4:48 PM  ?

Bubba      2/6/03   4:48 PM  email or fax?

woozle     2/6/03   4:48 PM  email

Bubba      2/6/03   4:49 PM  to whom did you send it?

woozle     2/6/03   4:49 PM  orders@zionrootswear.com

Bubba      2/6/03   4:49 PM  that's retail only

woozle     2/6/03   4:49 PM  Gia Jewell said to go ahead

woozle     2/6/03   4:49 PM  I asked about wholesale specifically

Bubba      2/6/03   4:50 PM  she's checking on if the retail side has the

Bubba      2/6/03   4:50 PM  they don't

woozle     2/6/03   4:50 PM  Joyce Petty confirmed the order

woozle     2/6/03   4:50 PM  she gave me a list of what they didn't have

Bubba      2/6/03   4:50 PM  she's retail

Bubba      2/6/03   4:50 PM  did you have an order #

woozle     2/6/03   4:51 PM  well, I placed a wholesale order and I bloody
                                  well expect them to send it since that was
                                  what I asked about. No, I did not get an order

woozle     2/6/03   4:51 PM  You have cc:s of the entire convo.

Bubba      2/6/03   4:57 PM  apparently it didn't get hooked up and they'd
                                  rather have it emailed again only to
                                  rebecca@zionrootswear.com to start fresh or to
                                  at least begin the tracking of it.  If it's
                                  been sent they will ignore it and we'll have
                                  to send the next and subsequent orders to her.
                                   They are 3 weeks away from an online
                                  wholesale ordering form

woozle     2/6/03   5:00 PM  Re-emailing...

woozle     2/6/03   5:00 PM  it is sent.

Bubba      2/6/03   5:01 PM  and it may have been sent to us w/just a day
                                  or two hold up while they got it sorted out
                                  from retail to wholesale

woozle     2/6/03   5:01 PM  (Leslie Hewa just left a phone msg on 0474)

woozle     2/6/03   5:02 PM  When can they get us a tracking #?

Bubba      2/6/03   5:02 PM  when they find out if it's already been
                                  shipped or not which will prob be in the

woozle     2/6/03   5:02 PM  ok

Bubba      2/6/03   5:03 PM  Les Hewa ordered some stuff from us so he's
                                  probably asking about it

Bubba      2/6/03   5:03 PM  do we know the status?

woozle     2/6/03   5:03 PM  checking

Bubba      2/6/03   5:03 PM  Julio Garcia left a message asking for the
                                  certificate of authenticity of the Flores

Bubba      2/6/03   5:04 PM  Unimex is on it and they'd like the other half
                                  + shipping as per the quote

woozle     2/6/03   5:04 PM  if it's E1008, the stuff is 3 MT and one LB,
                                  so we're getting ready to order them... or,
                                  rather, I ordered the MT today and we'll order
                                  the LB as soon as we get the $ back from the
                                  ZR (or MT, if that arrives first)

woozle     2/6/03   5:04 PM  Need total balance from Unimex

woozle     2/6/03   5:05 PM  Never heard back from them on any of our

Bubba      2/6/03   5:06 PM  check your bank book for the amount sent last
                                  time then take that and add the shipping costs
                                  they sent you.  It was like $112 + $31 = $143

woozle     2/6/03   5:06 PM  But what ARE the shipping costs -- $32 or $30?

woozle     2/6/03   5:06 PM  the numbers didn't add up.

Bubba      2/6/03   5:06 PM  there was enough profit to give them $32

woozle     2/6/03   5:06 PM  If they're not gonna answer, I'll just send
                                  them the lower figure.

Bubba      2/6/03   5:07 PM  they're opening a new gallery and are a little
                                  slow in the understanding dept

woozle     2/6/03   5:07 PM  I don't like not getting answers.

Bubba      2/6/03   5:07 PM  understanding the ecommerce thingy

Bubba      2/6/03   5:08 PM  and me neither

Bubba      2/6/03   5:08 PM  but 

woozle     2/6/03   5:08 PM  This was math, not e-commerce.

Bubba      2/6/03   5:08 PM  They did give us the seperate figures to do
                                  the math also and we're talking $2

Bubba      2/6/03   5:08 PM  I know

Bubba      2/6/03   5:09 PM  they are slow to take us seriously

woozle     2/6/03   5:09 PM  If it's really +$2 and it matters to them,
                                  they can bill us for the balance

Bubba      2/6/03   5:09 PM  do we want to look like that or have them say
                                  hey you sent us $2 too much

Bubba      2/6/03   5:09 PM  or just live w/the silent knowledge

woozle     2/6/03   5:10 PM  Right now, I'm mainly irritated because they
                                  are now demanding money but seem to be
                                  refusing to tell us how much.

woozle     2/6/03   5:10 PM  If they want their freakin' money, they should
                                  at least send us a brief email (or ground
                                  mail, like they useta do) with the total.

woozle     2/6/03   5:11 PM  I can make out like it was an honest

Bubba      2/6/03   5:11 PM  I did add $25 per piece over dbl into the

Bubba      2/6/03   5:12 PM  or more

woozle     2/6/03   5:12 PM  Then why are we also estimating $25 shipping?

woozle     2/6/03   5:13 PM  And I'm not sure I'm still using your prices;
                                  I might have switched to an algorithm. Let me

woozle     2/6/03   5:14 PM  ok, I don't see an algorithm; it's possible I
                                  was doing it by hand, but there are so many
                                  price codes it seems unlikely.

Bubba      2/6/03   5:14 PM  $25 shipping because we can always cut a break
                                  on shipping but going up requires notification
                                  to customer and oft times approval before we

Bubba      2/6/03   5:15 PM  and they are professionally packed

woozle     2/6/03   5:15 PM  I'm saying we're charging twice for the
                                  shipping, if the shipping is already figured
                                  into the price.

woozle     2/6/03   5:16 PM  Cuz I charged the customers the actual
                                  shipping cost quoted, on top of our retail

Bubba      2/6/03   5:16 PM  how are we charging twice

woozle     2/6/03   5:16 PM  So maybe that's why we're not getting very
                                  many Flores orders? Do you see his pieces
                                  elsewhere online?

Bubba      2/6/03   5:16 PM  I don't understand what you just said

woozle     2/6/03   5:16 PM  How are we charging twice for shipping?
                                  Because we're charging once by including it in
                                  the price and again by adding it in.

Bubba      2/6/03   5:17 PM  it's not added into the price

woozle     2/6/03   5:17 PM  You said you allowed about $25 when you set
                                  the prices.

Bubba      2/6/03   5:17 PM  the price is the price, shipping is extra

Bubba      2/6/03   5:17 PM  no

woozle     2/6/03   5:17 PM  u sed:
                                  Bubba (5:11 PM) : 
                                  I did add $25 per piece over dbl into the
                                  Bubba (5:12 PM) : 
                                  or more

Bubba      2/6/03   5:17 PM  cause it's limited edition art and not a

woozle     2/6/03   5:18 PM  if it's not for shipping, what's it for?

Bubba      2/6/03   5:18 PM  profit

Bubba      2/6/03   5:18 PM  it's art

woozle     2/6/03   5:18 PM  ok

Bubba      2/6/03   5:19 PM  we could charge $3000 for a $500 piece if we
                                  thought we could get it and there were only a
                                  limited # of them left

woozle     2/6/03   5:19 PM  my point about the $2 is not that we need it;
                                  it's not about the money. It's that if they're
                                  gonna demand payment, they should state what
                                  they're owed. Otherwise I'm going to figure it
                                  myself, and I'm going to figure it in our
                                  favor because I don't like being ignored.

Bubba      2/6/03   5:20 PM  I know it's not about the $2 and they
                                  should've answered the ?

woozle     2/6/03   5:20 PM  Right.

woozle     2/6/03   5:21 PM  And rather than be hostile about it, I'll just
                                  make it seem like an honest mistake -- I was
                                  told $x shipping for this customer and $y
                                  shipping for the other, so I'm sending you $x
                                  + $y.

Bubba      2/6/03   5:21 PM  we have enough to go on and so we can just
                                  send him the money and a note to the effect
                                  that we need invoices

Bubba      2/6/03   5:21 PM  rt you said it

woozle     2/6/03   5:21 PM  I'm tired of being patient with people.
                                  Perhaps I'll feel differently tomorrow...

Bubba      2/6/03   5:21 PM  I'm gonna go dress Lynne's wound brb

woozle     2/6/03   5:21 PM  k

Bubba      2/6/03   5:22 PM  I hope so

Bubba      2/6/03   5:22 PM  feeling diff tomorrow

woozle     2/6/03   5:22 PM  Only if they don't close the schools

Bubba      2/6/03   5:56 PM  am bk

Bubba      2/6/03   5:56 PM  sounds like the kids are getting to you a

woozle     2/6/03   6:12 PM  they do tend to do that

woozle     2/6/03   6:13 PM  (was off getting pizza)

Bubba      2/6/03   6:13 PM  em masse

Bubba      2/6/03   6:13 PM  en

Bubba      2/6/03   6:13 PM  ummm pizza