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Thursday, January 2, 2003 (#2)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      1/2/03   5:23 PM  Stephanie Gorecki did cancel

Bubba      1/2/03   5:23 PM  her email is in the crashed Mozilla

woozle     1/2/03   6:10 PM  ah.

Bubba      1/2/03   6:10 PM  I called her for confirmation

woozle     1/2/03   6:10 PM  maybe you could zip up all your mozilla email
                                  files and I'll see if I can read them here.

woozle     1/2/03   6:11 PM  Or, rather, I can copy them from you when I'm

woozle     1/2/03   6:11 PM  Will mark Gorecki's order as cancelled.

Bubba      1/2/03   6:11 PM  did beverly kahn get straightened out?

woozle     1/2/03   6:13 PM  What was the issue? I don't see any recent
                                  activity on her order, and it's complete.

Bubba      1/2/03   6:14 PM  contrast stitch hat charged twice and you said
                                  she just missed the credit to her card

Bubba      1/2/03   6:15 PM  just wondering if she found that and got back
                                  to you.

woozle     1/2/03   6:15 PM  I never heard back from her

Bubba      1/2/03   6:17 PM  her line is busy

woozle     1/2/03   6:17 PM  no worry

woozle     1/2/03   6:17 PM  situ is settled from our POV

Bubba      1/2/03   6:18 PM  not worried, was just gonna throw down a
                                  customer realtions thang

woozle     1/2/03   6:19 PM  I think it probably looks purty good that we
                                  were on top of such a complicated

woozle     1/2/03   6:19 PM  ...kept it all straight and everything.

Bubba      1/2/03   6:19 PM  I was the cherry

Bubba      1/2/03   6:19 PM  or at least the call was.

woozle     1/2/03   6:19 PM  fair nuff

Bubba      1/2/03   6:20 PM  I thought you handled it masterfully

Bubba      1/2/03   6:20 PM  and wanted to remind her and hear her get

woozle     1/2/03   6:20 PM  Thenk you, sirrah.

woozle     1/2/03   6:21 PM  ZR restock issues...

Bubba      1/2/03   6:21 PM  yezzzz

woozle     1/2/03   6:21 PM  ZR-BOB-4000 Stretch-fit cap (Cap) -- did you
                                  order these? May have been their mistake; we
                                  were invoiced for 1 but got 2, and I don't
                                  have any orders for it.

Bubba      1/2/03   6:22 PM  don't remember

Bubba      1/2/03   6:22 PM  iffin we got a free one, bring it on down with

woozle     1/2/03   6:23 PM  And one of the last-minute orders you did tell
                                  me about (D5367 - ZR-BOB-4002 Contrast stitch
                                  cap (Cap)) was for Algeria or Morocco or
                                  something, and the card was a "CALL 1800..."

Bubba      1/2/03   6:23 PM  rt

woozle     1/2/03   6:24 PM  The other one was "need by xmas" and I'm
                                  waiting to hear back if she still wants it.
                                  May be a cancel.

Bubba      1/2/03   6:24 PM  k

Bubba      1/2/03   6:24 PM  mozilla mail works now or at least it did a
                                  minute ago

woozle     1/2/03   6:24 PM  So that's why I don't recommend adding stuff
                                  at the last minute, if it comes up again.

woozle     1/2/03   6:24 PM  huh!

Bubba      1/2/03   6:27 PM  Rasta Golf - Hemp/Cotton Pique golf shirts,
                                  Hemp golf hats and accessories, Bob Marley
                                  Polo shirts.  The logo is a golfball w/dreads
                                  and RG on the ball in place of a face.

woozle     1/2/03   6:28 PM  yr idea or existing product?

Bubba      1/2/03   6:28 PM  would make a killer hat

Bubba      1/2/03   6:28 PM  me

Bubba      1/2/03   6:32 PM  BTW rastagolf.com is available 

Bubba      1/2/03   6:37 PM  RG is an offshoot of a search for hemp t's for
                                  the store

Bubba      1/2/03   6:56 PM  I'm gonna take Lynne to the hospital for a
                                  growth under her arm that has just come up a
                                  few days ago.  Looks like serious lymph gland

woozle     1/2/03   6:57 PM  yeek

woozle     1/2/03   6:58 PM  drive safely

Bubba      1/2/03   6:59 PM  She still has to get a shower so I'll be here
                                  for a minutertoo

Bubba      1/2/03   6:59 PM  and thanks

Bubba      1/2/03   8:15 PM  D5145 Erin McGrath has been contacted about
                                  the Turtle w/Bears Lamp and is OK

woozle     1/2/03   9:25 PM  cool. Any contact w/LB?

Bubba      1/2/03   9:25 PM  no

Bubba      1/2/03   9:26 PM  will call tomorrow

woozle     1/2/03   9:27 PM  k