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2003-01-22 .. 2003-01-23 .. 2003-01-24

from email to Tigger

=== T said ===

apparent badnews from nerve doctor this morning. Looks strongly, he said like increased tumor. All seems weird becausemy *thinking* and vocabulary have been sharp and my energy level high. The ihnside of my head has rarely felt better But mt right leg is practically non-operational, and I've lost feeling n my right little finger. I['m very, much more thana .ittle scared. Idon't want to die and refuse to die and please help me. Please spread word that any and all aupport more than welcome.

=== end quote ===

Major Ugh. I gave JERS's Cindy a copy of the Tigger Aid CD, but she wasn't there at the time so I may not have thought to convey the bit about thinking healing thoughts. I shall endeavor to remember to do so after sending this email.

We hold firmly to the rules of the King House laundry room: No Dying Allowed. The management thanks you.

We are snowed in today, more by the presence of children (stupid schools keep closing at the drop of a hat) than by the actual snow, which amounts to perhaps 2 inches -- so I should be reachable any time today for conversation, consolation, consultation, and I wish I could think of a useful word ending in -idge.