2002/12/20/xmas triage message

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I believe this is a message I sent out to all vbz customers with open orders. Woozle (talk) 16:30, 7 March 2020 (UTC)

We _were_ on track to get everyone their vbz.net orders by Christmas (presuming that the manufacturers had everything in stock, which they _usually_ do), but then a bit of a disaster struck.

The full story is online at [ http://vbz.net/about/status/ ], but the short of it is that our main operation was offline for about a week and by the time we had gotten things more or less straightened out again (which took several days after the power went on) we suddenly found out (on 12/19) that we were already too late placing some of our final restock orders to get all our Christmas customer orders out on time. Liquid Blue orders were the worst hit, followed by Zion Rootswear. We are still hoping to receive our Mountain restock in time for Christmas delivery.

We can only afford to ship maybe 20-50% of the current stack of Liquid Blue orders via overnight (not that we wouldn't take a loss on this to meet deadline; it's a case of not having the cash to pay for the shipping), so what we are going to do is this:

Anyone who is willing to receive their package after Christmas will receive a 30% discount off the late portion of their order. For those who can't wait, we will assign priority (sort of a Christmas gift triage) this way:

  1. Orders where Christmas delivery was requested in the original order will receive top priority.
  2. Orders where Christmas delivery was requested in follow-up email will receive secondary priority.
  3. Orders where Christmas delivery was never requested will receive lowest priority.

For orders delivered after Christmas, the delivery dates will range from 12/26 to approximately 10 days later.

So, for each person receiving this email: Please let me know if you would be willing to accept a 30% discount (off the late part) in exchange for post-Christmas delivery. I should have a better idea by Friday afternoon of when each order would be likely to arrive given either decision.

(If possible, please include your order number or if you don't have that then the email address you entered when you placed the order.)

We apologize for the mess this is inevitably going to make of some people's Christmases; please know that we are doing everything we can to minimize the damage. Thank you in advance for your understanding,

Nick Staddon
Red House Media / vbz.net