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This was from an email newsletter I put out briefly in 1997-8 ("The Red Letter Office", Annadems, Annaouncements & Annacdotes section).


Nick here.This is the latest from Anna De-central.

1. This past weekend, Anna was putting barrettes on Zooty's head and putting her sweaters on him. (All of them.) She said, "I want Zooty to look like a girl."

2. She then proceeded to find all the shoes in the house and line them up in two rows in the living room.

3. The following Monday, we had to be very quiet on the phone because Anna's bunny was sleeping in the basket she had prepared, embedded with all the available dishtowels. He was, I quote, "all wrapped up" (a quintessential Anna phrase).

4. This evening (Thursday), Anna was singing one of the School House Rock songs: "Wally Wally Wally getcher adverbs here." She sang it to me on the phone, and I said "how about 'Interjection, for emotion, for excitement, Hallelujah'?" (that being another song from the same tape) to which she replied "No! Wally Wally Wally Wally Wally getcher adverbs here, Wally Wally getcher adverbs here, Wally Wally Wally Wally Wally Wally getcher adverbs here" and so forth. (Sometimes adults just don't _listen_...)

5. "I need to draw for a minute."

This has been the Anna report for December 10, 1997. I'm Harry Reasonable, and you're not. Good evening.