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This is the space overall:

20230124 154203.jpg

On the left wall you can see some 2x4 shelves I put up hastily when Mel was either at college or maybe still living with the Smiths, to get stuff off the floor to make room. Towards the bottom is a stack of boxes of books and legos. in the middle are stacks of boxes he mostly packed but didn't take or store. Near the top is one of those same metal racks, being used to store computer equipment and parts.

Here's a better view of what's at the bottom of the first photo:

20230124 142818.jpg

Here's a view of what's not really visible on the right of the first photo – about 2/3 of the portion of Mel's DVD collection that he didn't take with him:

20230124 142841.jpg

Here's the back of the room, with the computer-stuff rack and a whole bunch of equipment on the floor (official inventory here):

20230124 142913.jpg

I'm hoping to be able to use some of these shelves to organize my tapes of original recordings. As for the rest... there are always more things than shelves. Maybe some of the leftover shelves from K's store (which she had to close because of Long COVID) can go in here. If needed, I can put wheels on them so I can just chonk them in a corner, rather than needing them all to be front-exposed. There's also the old inventory from vbz.net, which needs to be out of the living room and out of the attic if at all possible. ...and plenty of other stuff.


20230206 200605.Mel's room.adj.jpg