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Friday, January 20, 2023 (#20)
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Spot The Mouse
a few deciseconds earlier: emergent mouse


  • released another mouse
  • got new flag for mailbox at Ace Hardware (I keep forgetting to take a photo...)
    • When I asked if they had replacement flags for mailboxes, right away the guy said "no". Then he said they had mailboxes, but not parts. I asked where the mailboxes were, and he showed us. Then he asked if anyone knew whether they had parts, and someone said yes -- right about at the same time I spotted the replacement flags, which just happened to be exactly the right kind.
    • Installed successully on actual mailbox. Now we can mail stuff again without going to the P.O., yay!
  • Sprouts
    • Today's organic spinach was particularly fresh because they left the leaves connected at the base, which helps keep them alive.
  • baked chicken Harenaise