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Monday, January 16, 2023 (#16)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
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the latest mouse

To Do

  • Costco (have to figure out how to pay for this, and stuff for the rest of the month... :-P)


  • released latest mouse (no video; even colder)

The line at Costco (the other side was just as bad) -- I guess it was people who had MLK Day off taking the opportunity to shop (there were a lot of kids, too):

20230116 135021.jpg

In the parking lot, a nice lady in the next car over offered to take my cart back after she saw me unloading a lot of heavy stuff -- even though she already had her own cart to take back. Hooray for nice people! She was wearing a mask (outdoors), too. (I've taken in extra carts often enough myself not to feel guilty about letting her do it.)