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Sunday, January 8, 2023 (#8)
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Today might actually be relatively calm -- just a StringThing Zoom, then PoGo Drive and shower, maybe an afternoon work session. Some recovery-time before we dive into what's looking like another hellweek (albeit with the drains working this time, at least).


  • PoGo drive, shower
  • switched H's monitor to the one with HDMI support; switched over to new KVM switch
  • Had a smol series of Intriguing Coding Ideers; see below.
  • Did some setup for working on db backup.

Coding Ideers

(yesterday) Suddenly realizing I could use my CLI-parsing classes to handle commands sent to a fedi bot....

(today) Suddenly realizing I could use that methodology to implement one interface to Coagitate/InstaGov... o.0

There are two main parts to Coagitate: the liquid agenda (range voting) and the debate-mapper.

  • Somewhere I wrote up a methodology for doing Debate Mapping in text-only without a bot, so that should serve as a starting point (it's definitely going to be easier with a bot to keep track of things).
  • For LA, I have to formalize/document the design better in order to describe how it would work in CLI (there isn't really a whole lot of difference between bot-interaction and CLI -- it mainly comes down to optimizations around "don't flood the server with update messages, if an op takes awhile" but also "you can do some basic text formatting for readability").

(after poking around through various related wiki pags) I should move all of my structured debate design pages to wooz.dev. They're currently scattered across three other wikis. (...but the db backup thing needs to be done first.)

Related idea: fedijukebox radio

  • users request songs
  • "DJ"s approve/categorize
  • Songs play on one or more "stations", but are also (where legal) available for download.
  • Can use YouTube API for copyrightster-owned material.