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Tuesday, December 27, 2022 (#361)
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I should start tagging the trees that I photograph frequently. This is the one by Grannie's Panties.

Swinging by Costco to pick up 'phenidate. I don't know if we'll do other shopping there on this same trip.

Daisy had a weird electrical problem when we were returning from the Smiths' on xmas: a beep-tone would sound continuously whenever I shifted into drive. We checked everyone's seatbelts and most of the doors (there are indicator lights on the dash for both of these issues, but none were lit), and eventually just had to drive home with that tone on continuously. Everything seemed otherwise normal.

The next day (yesterday), the battery was basically dead (5v or less). I left it trickle-charging overnight. We'll see if the tone is still an issue today; probably need to make an appointment with Konrad... or maybe it just needs a new battery (if the beeptone goes away after a good solid charge-up).