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This is going to replace the quasi-shed attached to the swing-set I dismantled two weeks ago. The doors I used as the roof for that are falling apart, and anyway we want to clear the area to make room for a proper shed.

The materials.

IMG 20170610 074138997.jpg IMG 20170610 074150841.jpg

"ONE!! aH! aH! aH!" -- The Count
Mostly built -- right?
Getting it down the slope was... difficult. Lifting it up on top of the A-frame? Uhhh... (The A-frame is from the aforementioned swing-set.)
Disassembled again.
"ONE!" (spoken somewhat tiredly)

Materials: ~$150. Overdoing it while getting drenched with sweat and being mobbed by mosquitoes: priceless.

In the next work-session, I'll put a tarp on top to make a roof-for-now and hopefully move everything over from the quasi-shed... maybe even get some stuff out of our attached garden shed, so it can be sane again.