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Transcript of "live chat" with ACCC representative, at about 2pm. "[redacted]" means that for security purposes I have removed the information I actually gave her, but in each case it was the information she asked for.


Our live CHAT option is best used for obtaining basic information about ACCC's services. For a discussion of your specific situation. please call 800-769-3571 ext 506.

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
You are currently at position number 1 in the queue.
You have been connected to Caroline M..

Caroline M.: Welcome to ACCC, Nick How may I help you?
Nick Staddon: Hi, just a couple of things... first, could you change the phone number you have on our record from 919-401-9424 to 919-402-9774? That one's easier to pick up on; I belatedly realized that I should have given it to you instead of the other one.
Caroline M.: For verification purposes, would you please provide your Client ID and the last four digits of your social Security number?
Nick Staddon: sure... client ID again is 310572, SS# digits [redacted] (that's Sandy's, the official applicant -- do you need mine?)
Caroline M.: yes
Nick Staddon: [redacted]
Caroline M.: that client ID is invalid can I have your whole social?
Nick Staddon: Sandy's, or mine?
Caroline M.: yours
Nick Staddon: [redacted]
Nick Staddon: But I don't think my name or SS# were on the application.
Caroline M.: Okay then let me have the clients whole social
Caroline M.: but if you are not listed on the account I wont be able to give you any information
Nick Staddon: Ok, look, maybe I can simplify this... we are currently looking at another solution (mortgage refinance), so could you have ACCC stop calling us for now? I'll contact you again if the refinance doesn't work out. The number they're calling is that first one, 919-401-9424.
Caroline M.: I am not even able to find the account and we can't do anything till the client calls in
Nick Staddon: Okay, sounds like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing... I'll just have to pick up the next time they call. (We both hate dealing with phone calls, but since it's the only way...)
Nick Staddon: Thanks for trying.