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Tuesday, January 15, 2008 (#15)
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  • Josh ran away from school again, apparently not long before the end of the day. Mr. Garrett (Josh's teacher) called and said that he had been talking with someone else (Mr. somebody) about what to do instead of going to the gym, since the gym was unavailable; Ms. someone was in the classroom watching the kids, and apparently Josh took advantage of the distraction to escape. Mr. Garrett only became aware that Josh had escaped when someone called in to report seeing him outside the school. They apparently found him down near the intersection of 54 and Fayetteville Road (presumably the police found him, though this wasn't mentioned).
  • Received a call from Terry Ames, who gave us a lot of information and described the intake process. We call the Durham Center at 560-7100, ask for "Screening and Triage", then explain that Sandy has an autistic son whom we'd like to refer for "Targeted Case Management". Phone line hours are 8:30 - 5:00, and the information-gathering process takes "about 10 minutes". The TCM people (compart) will decide the best match between Josh and a case manager based on personality.
    • There is a waitlist for CAP; 15 slots due to arrive shortly. Waitlist is about 50 long, but prioritized based on need.
    • TDC funds the providers (Compart, Matchbox, Healthcore(?), Coordinated Health Services; he wishes the last 3 were better.
    • Services base has been expanded... consumer stipend... CAP = "community alternatives program"... medicaid CAP waiver... ICFMR = "intermediate care facility"; institutional "level of care"