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Wednesday, February 19, 2003 (#50)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      2/19/03  8:26 AM  any word from her bank?

Bubba      2/19/03  8:26 AM  oh, mornin

woozle     2/19/03  8:26 AM  hiya

woozle     2/19/03  8:26 AM  My voice is fried this morning... I may need
                                  you to call the bank. Would that be possible?

Bubba      2/19/03  8:26 AM  is it always this bright this early in the

woozle     2/19/03  8:27 AM  Durn mornings, they think they're so bright...

Bubba      2/19/03  8:27 AM  fried? it was sposed to be broiled!

Bubba      2/19/03  8:28 AM  what do I ask of them?

woozle     2/19/03  8:28 AM  I was being general... it might be scrambled

woozle     2/19/03  8:28 AM  What do you ask -- typing...

Bubba      2/19/03  8:29 AM  why do I ask if they're typing?

Bubba      2/19/03  8:29 AM  as a service or just if they do at all?

Bubba      2/19/03  8:29 AM  ever.

woozle     2/19/03  8:30 AM  well, what I said to CardService was that we
                                  had this weird situation with a customer card
                                  where the processing software insists the card
                                  number is invalid, but the customer insists
                                  that that's the right number (we've called her
                                  back twice now to check it). CardService
                                  suggested that maybe it's not a credit card
                                  but some other kind of card.

woozle     2/19/03  8:30 AM  So then I'd ask them if we could give them the
                                  card number and the customer's name and they
                                  could verify if she has a card by that number
                                  and if it's really a Visa.

Bubba      2/19/03  8:30 AM  and validate the correctness of her statements

Bubba      2/19/03  8:30 AM  k

Bubba      2/19/03  8:30 AM  monnit

woozle     2/19/03  8:31 AM  You have her billing addr too if they want to
                                  check that.

Bubba      2/19/03  8:31 AM  k

Bubba      2/19/03  8:33 AM  and he said....mo men Tito, we've got to get
                                  this done.

woozle     2/19/03  8:33 AM  whatever wiggles

Bubba      2/19/03  8:35 AM  calling

Bubba      2/19/03  8:37 AM  not till 9 am and I could have called them
                                  last night because they're customer service is
                                  open till 10, so inna bit i will

woozle     2/19/03  8:37 AM  ok d'ok

Bubba      2/19/03  9:13 AM  hey

woozle     2/19/03  12:04 PM updated db is uploaded